Monday, January 31, 2011

Pen Review: Uniball Vision Exact (Blue)

Uniball Vision Exact Image
Before coming to work today, I picked up a Uniball Vision Exact Fine, figuring that there would be dull moments that I could use to write. I probably have this pen in black and red, being that I have a penchant for getting the four packs. If I were a digital nomad, this pen wouldn't be my choice.

The barrel is clear and spotted, with solid blue on the nib and cap. It brings up images of grid paper, where one is forced to stay between the lines for their reward. Since the ink can clearly be seen through the barrel, a user can gauge the time left before the pen makes it to the pen graveyard (or, better yet, send the recycled ones to The Pen Guy for addition to the Mercedes Pens). I love the simple pleasure of tilting the pen up and down just to watch the ink.

The pen bleeds a bit through the paper, and does not lend itself for excellent fine lines. The ink pools at the tip, threatening to escape like a crowd of zombie-threatened people. So, there's a touch of splotchiness which gives the pen a tiny touch of character. Fortunately, the ink dries quickly (and does not react well to water) and gives thick, dark lines.

The barrel itself is a standard size, not one that feels like writing with a baseball bat. It is not tiny, rather, it fits comfortably within the hand. Although it's not an 'art pen,' it still lends itself to doodling and coloring.

For coloring on the newsprint of coloring books, the Uniball Vision Exact works well with a blotter. For the long writing haul, the people at Uniball didn't take any steps to overwhelm their users with comfortable pens. With a short clip, folks can hang the pen in their shirts.

Here's the first draft hand written version of this review, complete with doodle!
Review - Uniball Vision Exact Blue

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