About Me

I love pens.  I've had indepth conversations about the merits of the Pilot Precise v5.  I've talked with friends about the relative uselessness of the Sakura Gelly Roll.  I've even bought a Rapidograph or two in my time, just to say taht I've used the really spiffy engineering pens at least once.

After college, I got a job in the printing industry because I was fascinated and enamored with the concept of quantity.  Essentially, I adored the idea of pointing to a pallet and saying, 'that's mine, and it's right.'  There was also the nearly unlimited access to pens and paper.

Being fascinated with quantity, and having a love of pens means that I've collected a whole lot of pens over the years.  And, like anyone who has a fascination with numbers and quantity, that bin only gets larger.  Join me on an entertaining journey of pens, paper, and geekishness.