Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pen Review: Flagstar Promotional Pen

I love going to Flagstar because of the superior customer service that they offer, their multiple money options, and the efforts that they place on treating customers as individuals. Every meeting that you have with a Flagstar teller is a sit-down one where you catch up on everything that's been going on while they retrieve your money. I love the atmosphere and indeed everything about the bank. It was no surprise to anyone around me when I asked to take one of their promotional pens home.

It's a noisemaking ballpoint retractable clicky pen with a red barrel and clear bits on either side. You can see where the cartridge goes when it's retracted, and that's a little nudge of pleasure for the geek within me. There's an opaque comfort grip in the right place, too. The barrel is embossed with the Flagstar Bank logo. What is a promotional pen without a logo?

How does it Write?

It takes less than a centimeter for this pen to get going. The ink is dark and functional. Currently, there is a bit of skippage within the pen, but that comes with lots of usage. The nib is wide enough to feel comfortable, managing to land within that perfect size.

This pen would be perfect for scribing marathon drafts and signing checks. It would suck for autographing, fine line work, or skewering teriyaki.

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