Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pen Review: PaperMate Medium

10 Black Paper Mate Penssmall
Who can resist the allure of a straight stick pen for writing? The delight associated with these goes far beyond that of a simple writing utensil. These pens have been around since the 1950's, tried and true, ready for action. The PaperMate Ballpoint pen is a trooper, the known quantity of the bunch. When a PaperMate is retrieved, the author knows exactly what they are getting.

A little bit of lag when first picking up the pen, but that is to be expected. Just a few circles on a sheet of paper separates any author from their intention. These PaperMate pens have written everything, from the vastly important documents to the throwaway lists for groceries and tasks of the day. These pens are workhorses, the epitome of working class pens. Even though pen enthusiasts think of fountain pens and name brands, these are the pens that people think of when they think of pens.

The PaperMate did not become so ubiquitous by being poor in quality. It is a straight-up average pen that is quite functional. The barrel is a little thin, making the writer have to squeeze a little harder to hold it in place, but it is only aggravating for the longer haul. It is not short, which means that very little comfort is lost when writing extensively. The pen itself will write for a long time, carrying any authors through their blocks.

Sure, it's not the Pilot G2 or Precise v5. It's not a 'named' pen, one to be revered like a rare item on a MMORPG. The PaperMate does the job effectively, without hassle. A true working class pen.


  1. I also really like the PaperMate and Bic pens - they're so reliable and the tips usually don't clog just because you decide to write on the wrong kind of surface (like kim-wipes! have clogged numerous pen tips that way...). One thing that I dislike about them though, is that they're not really suited for small handwriting. If they made tip sizes in 0.5mm or smaller, I would be all over them!

  2. I love the .5mm for writing, but I've found that those are kind of like 'gourmet' pens in the office supply world. I really enjoy the 'bleeding' pens for writing on bar napkins and the like - they make me feel like I've done something. :)